Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes™ - The Rainbow Collection

Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes™ Rainbow Collection 30-piece Set

Get the most out of your food with Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes — now in a rainbow of colors! Shown in independent lab testing to help extend the life of produce, baked goods and snacks, they're a great way to enjoy more of your food and waste less. Proudly made in the USA, these reusable containers can be used in the fridge, on the countertop, in the pantry or anywhere you'd normally store their contents. Each set comes in the color of your choice, so choose a few for a kitchen that's as colorful as the rainbow. It's another win from

Debbie Meyer! What You Get

  • 6 qt. (192 oz.) GreenBox bread box with lid

  • 19.25-cup (154 oz.) GreenBox with lid

  • 9-cup (72 oz.) round GreenBox with lid

  • (2) 2 qt. (64 oz.) divided rectangular GreenBoxes with lids

  • 6-cup (48 oz.) square GreenBox with lid

  • 4-cup (32 oz.) square GreenBox with lid

  • (2) 2.25-cup (18 oz.) square GreenBoxes with lids

  • (2) 2.25-cup (18 oz.) rectangular GreenBoxes with lids

  • (2) 1.1-cup (9 oz.) round GreenBoxes with lids 

  • 2 Divided plates with handles

  • Use and care sheet



Fruits, Vegetables & Baked Goods Stay Fresh Longer!
This incredibly innovative storage system is shown in independent laboratory tests to help extend the life of all types of fresh produce, baked goods

and snacks.


Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes™ Home Collection - Your one-stop storage solution has arrived. And, even better, this set delivers storage boxes made with a proprietary blend of special natural substances that create a beneficial storage environment to help extend the life of all types of fresh produce, baked goods and snacks. In the original, heavier-gauge version you know and love, these boxes are a revolution in food freshness thanks to the exclusive Debbie Meyer FoodFresh System™ technology.


• Containers made with a proprietary combination of special natural substances.

• Helps you get the most out of your fruits, vegetables, snacks and baked goods.

• Shown in independent lab tests to keep your food fresh longer.

• Unique, proprietary combination of natural substances create a beneficial storage environment.

• Helps prevent texture changes and flavor loss.

• Proudly made in the USA.

• Washable, reusable, microwave safe and BPA-free.

• Use in the fridge, on the countertop or in the pantry; anywhere you normally

   store the contents of the boxes.

• Also great for storing and microwaving leftovers.

• Provides an array of useful storage sizes for all kinds of foods and ingredients.

• Colander is perfect for draining pasta or rinsing fresh fruits and vegetables.

• Breadbox (6qt) is designed expressly to help you store your store-bought and home-baked breads.

• Stackable design - Space-saving convenience and stability.

• Keep your kitchen and pantry organized and looking great.

• Channel-seal system helps to minimize air and external contamination.

• Tabbed corners on lids Easy opening and closing.




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