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Debbie Meyer GreenBags - Eat Fresh!

Debbie Meyer® GreenBags®

Help preserve the freshness and prolong the life

of fruits, vegetables and cut flowers with these revolutionary storage bags. Debbie Meyer™ GreenBags® are made with a natural mineral that creates a beneficial storage environment to help extend the life and freshness of fruits, vegetables (and cut flowers) --- and That Saves You Money! Proudly made in the USA



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Debbie Meyer GeniusSponges™ with Scourer

What good is wiping down the counter if your sponge or dishrag has had mold and bacteria growing on it for days? Debbie's solution?

A unique sponge that helps inhibit growth of bacteria and mold on the sponge itself,

while reducing the potential for it to spread elsewhere. But the sponge side is just part of the story. Debbie added a heavy-duty scourer surface to help you tackle tough grease and grime too. Proudly made in the USA


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Debbie Meyer Genius Twist & Core™ 3-piece Kitchen Tool Set

Looking for some creative and delicious new twists on appetizers, main dishes and desserts? The patent-pending Debbie Meyer Genius Twist & Core set works perfectly for making stuffed fruits and vegetables. They're super-easy to use, too: just slice, core and stuff. You can use the cored material for stuffing other fruits and vegetables, for soups and stews or for vegetable stock. That means less waste and more great tastes. Debbie Meyer has done it again!

Debbie Meyer Innovations™ - 11 Year Anniversary at HSN - 2017

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Debbie Meyer visits with Shaquille O'Neal at HSN - 7-31-14

Debbie Meyer UltraLite GreenBoxes™ on Debbie's 10th Anniversary at HSN!

Debbie Meyer GeniusSponges™- Her amazing sponges have taken the world by storm!

Innovation with Ease!

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