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Debbie Overview.png

Known as the "Home Problem Solver™"

and The Original Green Lady™, 

DEBBIE MEYER® uses her wealth of knowledge to find answers to common problems, without creating new ones.

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    Known as the "Home Problem Solver™" and The Original Green Lady™, DEBBIE MEYER® uses her wealth of knowledge to find answers to common problems, without creating new ones.


    With millions of her products sold around the world, Debbie's patented inventions and innovative products are tangible solutions that help make everyday life easier, reduce food waste, and save money!  She has an uncanny ability to identify and SOLVE problems that we all have in and around the home.  As Debbie says, “I am solving my own problems and at the same time solving everyone else’s! I think that’s why my products are so universally popular and have been for so long!” Debbie is an innovator, who actually does the research and develops and designs her own products.

     As an inventor, she holds many patents and her many successful products are testament to her ability to identify with and meet the needs of millions of people. Prior to co-founding her own company, Housewares America, Inc., and her very successful move to becoming an entrepreneur, DEBBIE MEYER® began her business career in the corporate world and held executive level management positions. Her unstoppable, creative flair led her to her present success.


     From her wide formal education, and her extensive application and experience in all aspects of homemaking, including cooking, baking, sewing (including the nearly lost art of heirloom sewing), knitting and crochet, craft work, cleaning techniques, product knowledge, product design and invention, writing, public speaking and Radio and TV appearances, DEBBIE MEYER® has assembled an encyclopedic store of knowledge---and experience---which she can, and does, call up immediately---answering wide ranging questions on everything from home-keeping questions to sewing, crafts, organization, storage, and home decoration, to personal care. Debbie is a successful entrepreneurial businesswoman, wife and mother who cares for her own home without any outside help.

Debbie Meyer

I am solving my own problems and at

the same time solving everyone else’s!

I think that’s why my products are so universally popular and have

been for so long!

Debbie Meyer CakeCutter

Debbie's first invention, the DEBBIE MEYER CakeCutters™, are featured in a permanent collection in the Design Museum of London.

From Inventor to Entrepreneur 

   In September 1999, DEBBIE MEYER® formed Housewares America, Inc. and launched her first invention, the DEBBIE MEYER CakeCutters™ on TV, which continue to be a success on home shopping networks and at retail for 18 years, and are featured in a permanent collection in the Design Museum of London. She went on to invent and develop many other unique and problem solving products, which she continues to present on TV and at Retail in the USA and Internationally. The Debbie Meyer brand is highly successful in the United States, and Internationally.

     Debbie Meyer became a household name with the 2005 launch of her DEBBIE MEYER® GreenBags®, developed to extend the usable life of produce. Debbie has set sales records with these products on shopping networks worldwide and at retail.  Over one billion DEBBIE MEYER® GreenBags®) have been sold and are available on home shopping networks, at retail everywhere, on the Internet in the U.S. and Internationally. She followed that wildly successful product with her now equally successful DEBBIE MEYER GreenBoxes™

Awards and Recognition  

     Debbie’s desire to help, and her genuine interest in the lives of those around her have moved her into a role as TV and Radio personality, mentor, guide, and motivational speaker to the millions who want to hear her story, benefit from her products and knowledge, and take with them the positive encouragement of this successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, wife and mother. Throughout her career, Debbie has been honored with prestigious awards, highlighting her contributions to improving people's lives worldwide, through both her products and her leadership. 


Debbie Meyer, Keynote Speaker and recipient of the "Lifetime Achievement Award" at the eWomenNetwork Conference in Dallas, TX.

     In 2009, Debbie Meyer was presented with the "Lifetime Achievement Award" by the eWomenNetwork, for her inspiration to women and her business success. Her response to the award was that she was thrilled to be recognized for doing something she enjoys, but that a "Lifetime Achievement Award" may be a bit premature, because she is just getting started!


    Debbie is a featured regular guest speaker on the radio show, “The Small Business Advocate”, syndicated on the Forbes website.

Debbie Meyer, Woman of the Year, Wayuu Taya

Debbie Meyer honored by the Wayuu Taya Foundation as its 10th Anniversary "Woman of the Year" in New York

     Debbie has also been honored as one of the “Top 90 Women Mentoring Leaders” in the USA by the WoW Organization in the company of such illustrious people as Michelle Obama and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.  Debbie was honored, in New York, by the Wayuu Taya Foundation as its 10th Anniversary “Woman of the Year”, whose prior honorees include Hillary Clinton, Meera Gandhi, Soledad O’Brien, and Donna Karan. The Global Diversity and Leadership Foundation at Harvard featured Debbie as a speaker and panelist and invited her to become an Advisory Board Member.  

Debbie has been featured in many publications as a true innovator and inventor; The Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, Ladies Home Journal, The Dallas Morning News, Home World Business, to name a few.  The Wall Street Journal invited Debbie to be on their “How I Built It” entrepreneurship business advisory panel.  Her products have been featured on many TV shows, including: “The View” and “Dr. Oz”.

At Work and At Home 

     DEBBIE MEYER® attributes her phenomenal success as an international Brand to several factors... she is organized, creative, clear and concise, nurturing, approachable, convincing and most important of all – credible.  She also happens to love what she does.

     Housewares America, Inc. was co-founded by Debbie and her husband, Neville Meyer, and operates successfully on a unique business model created by them. Housewares America markets the DEBBIE MEYER® line of products in all areas of consumer demand, including home-shopping networks, regular retail, catalogs TV and internet. ◆

Debbie Meyer with her Debbie Meyer CakeCutter

Debbie at home using the Debbie Meyer® CakeCutter™, her very first invention.

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