Debbie Meyer GeniusVac® Counter Top Model


The Debbie Meyer GeniusVac® Counter Top Model lets you seal in flavor and lock out air that causes freezer burn, to save you money and time! Compact yet extremely powerful, this ingenious, portable, counter top vacuum sealer can be used at home or take it with you.  Save time and money by buying your food in bulk, splitting into portions and freezing, without the worry of it losing flavor or freshness. Create custom sized bags easily with the included bag cutter right on the sealer. Also use for vacuum sealing other foods and items like coffee, nuts, cheese, cold cuts, left-overs, emergency supplies, toiletries and more! The Debbie Meyer GeniusVac® works with Debbie Meyer GeniusVac® Rolls. Just follow the easy-to-use instructions and start saving money and saving food immediately!


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