Here is a collection of videos showcasing Debbie Meyer® Innovative Products!

Debbie Meyer® Brand Products™

Debbie talks about what motivated her to create her innovative products - Part 1.

Debbie Meyer® Brand Products™

Debbie talks more about her innovative product line - Part 2.

Debbie Meyer Innovations™ Promo

HSN presents Debbie Meyer.

Debbie Meyer® GreenBags®

Fruits, Vegetables and Cut Flowers last longer. See how they work!​​

Debbie Meyer CakeCutters™

Cutting cake has never been easier!


Debbie Meyer UltraLite GreenBoxes™

Fruits, Vegetables and Baked Goods stay fresh longer. See how they work!

Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes™

Home Collection  - ​​ Fruits, Vegetables and Baked Goods stay fresh longer in a thicker, sturdier version. Larger sizes available!

Debbie Meyer GeniusVac®

Now seal out freezerburn and seal in freshness with the touch of a button!​

Debbie Meyer GeniusSponge™

Makes using a normal sponge obselete!

Debbie Meyer CakeCutter Trio™

A perfect piece of cake or meatloaf, any time!

Debbie Meyer Magnetic Measuring Cups and Spoons™

Simple, stackable and magnetic!

Debbie Meyer® Sold Out!

A selection of Debbie Meyer products selling out during her live TV demonstations at HSN.

Debbie Meyer GeniusRack™

Organize your cookware, bakeware and more!

Debbie Meyer GeniusTwist&Core

See this amazingly fun and exciting new kitchen tool from Debbie Meyer.

Debbie Meyer DishwasherPal™

Get sparkling results every time with no frustrations of items flipping over and filling up with dirty, soapy water.

Debbie Meyer UltraLite GreenBoxes™ on HSN!