Amazing Product 

This product is just perfect, I bought because I have kids and making birthday parties in school,

every child gets exactly same piece of cake. I can not tell enough how practical and simple this

product is. I love it.

maja1, NY

Great Product

Thank you Debbie. I bought 3 sets of these. They work exactly as described especially on sheet cakes

and even on ice cream cakes (slightly softened). Used the black for a recent party and my neighbors

liked so much they ordered when they got home. I have both white and black and are very elegant

for any occasion. They are great gifts as well. If you are on the fence on buying this item, you will

not be disappointed. 

TheresaJ20274205, MA



love these, infact I ordered another pair for a wedding I am helping with, and then giving them to the bride and groom as a gift, 

Tyler6421, FL



Even cut

This is my second set that I purchase. My nephew who doesn't like helping whenever we have a family get together other than to eat, took charge for the first time to slice up the cakes with Debbie Meyer's CakeCutters Combo. He enjoyed using them and I was surprised that he even helped. So if you need any male figure in you family to help during the holidays or any family get together, just buy a set or two and sit back and have them serve you and the rest of the family, friends and guest and enjoy. 

Lil-Del-58, NY


Handy Helper

This made cutting every holiday desserts during the Holidays...went back to purchased more for Hostess gifts

Fiatmom, CA


Showing off

I was able to use this during the Christmas holiday and they were a big hit. Everyone loved them and wanted a set. My Mom said that my Grandma would be so proud to see you using such a beautiful set of elegant cake cutters. Thanks Debbie will be back for more.

Soulchild, MI




Best cake cutters

Love the cake cutters. Easy and perfect slices of cake. No mess.

bubba4044, LA


Great item!

Gifted two of these to my daughters and they also like them. Makes birthday sheet cake cutting very easy and not messy. Really great item!


Cake Cutters Combo ... So Great Kunegunda IL
Review Date: 3/1/2015
What a great idea and product for those people like myself who can never decide how big to cut

a piece of cake. Each piece perfectly sized and uniform looking. None of the kids will complain that

Suzie got the biggest piece as they will all be equal and uniform in size. Thanks for a super product!

Perfect kitchen tool Chuckles35 IN
Review Date: 3/1/2015
This is an ideal utensil for any kitchen.

great trishy7 NY
Review Date: 2/19/2015
gave this as an anniversary gift. Works great. would recommend to anyone.

Review Date: 2/3/2015


Rate as a 5   1cab RI
Review Date: 1/25/2015
Very handy to have. rate as a 5

Genius GrammaS MN
Review Date: 1/9/2015
What a simple, wonderful set of tools for the kitchen!

Review Date: 1/4/2015

great gift bubankshopper CA
Review Date: 12/24/2014
this was a gift and has not been opened yet. but i checked it out when it arrived and i can not beleive it wont be satifactory to her. great design for different types of cake thank you. i had great confidence when i ordered it.

Review Date: 11/11/2014
Good handle for nice grips.

Debbie Meyer has a Winner Here DiamondKathy IL
Review Date: 10/22/2014
I've had my set for a little while and every time I take a cutter at least one or two people try to buy it. These cutters are shaped to cut the perfect size cake, not only a perfect cut but squeeze the handles and the cake is easy to serve. This set is a gift, and I Know she will be elated !! Thanks Debbie this set makes gift giving so easy !!!!!!!

Great Idea! Kitty633 IA
Review Date: 9/26/2014
I use the cake one all the time. It makes it so easy to get from pan to plate without dropping it. Even the Pie one is good. I have never been good at cutting pie evenly. These certainly help with that. I would recommend these.

cut Nicky45 NY
Review Date: 9/23/2014
I love them used them for my daughter birthday cake

Unique me12345 CT
Review Date: 8/5/2014
Used these at a party recently where guests served themselves from the dessert table. Got so many compliments.

Cake Cutters Lore1 NY
Review Date: 7/6/2014
Every time I use my cake cutters, someone in the group says how much they love them. So, I make a quick mental note and the next Christmas or birthday gift is solved. They make nice clean cuts and even slices for everyone.

Surprisingly good. JohnKirk OH
Review Date: 6/11/2014
Wish I had thought of this. Makes cutting cake so much easier.

Amazing dell4 MI
Review Date: 6/8/2014
I bought this for both me and my mother inlaw we love. it it works amazing..Thanks Debbie for making cake cutting so much easier

Very nice puppymack RI
Review Date: 8/29/2013
I bought these as a Christmas gift for one of my Grand-Daughters. So, all I can do is hope she thinks they are as nice as I did. She bakes quite often and I'm hoping they will come in handy for her.


Quick for cakes   lbraun    PA
Review Date: 10/31/2012
These cutters make serving cake a breeze. Slices of sheet cakes can be passed out in record time.

You know how important that is, especially at a kids party. I have purchased several of these

sets for gifts and the are always appreciated.


Great for entertaining!   number99    NJ
Review Date: 8/11/2012
This is the easiest and quickest way to cut cake that I have ever used. If you entertain often,

these are for you!


Great Idea!   Ommy2190   GA
Review Date: 12/26/2011
I ordered 3 sets, one for myself anad oen for each mother. I used mine for Christmas desserts

and it was great!


Everyone Loves Them   AuntieC    NM
Review Date: 6/23/2011
I take my kut'rs to a lot of parties and everyone asks where I got them. They work great and cutting cakes is no longer a chore. I have given several sets as gifts and they are always well received. Try them--I don't think you will be disappointed. Wish they had the crystal color. Not too crazy about the blue, black and red.


So wonderful   ShanL
Review Date: 8/17/2010
I love these, I got them for all of the birthday cakes we have at work, inevitably, we would have a knife and no spatula, or a spatula and no knife, so when I saw these, instant solution... Everyone loves them!No one groans about cutting the cake and they are much sought after.I never want to cut a cake the traditional way again, so I ordered them for home too


Cake Cutters   RachelLV   NV
Review Date: 6/3/2010
Love them! The square cake cutter works great on Jello salad formed in a pan too! Simple pleasures in life make it so much more fun!


needed this years ago!   grammom    MD
Review Date: 5/19/2010
These cake cutters are great! I used one for a 4 layer half sheet cake that weighed a ton! Much easier to cut the perfect block slice. Wish I had these years ago when I did wedding cakes for many people!


Great Kitchen utensils   BayAreaGirlSF   CA
Review Date: 1/9/2010
Great quality and value; very useful; makes cutting cakes, etc., neat and easy. Thank you Debbie!

AMAZING. Neat and no problems!   SHARON818    WA
Review Date: 1/3/2010
I got these just before a workmate's birthday...we got her an American Ultimate Chocolate cake from Costco - seven layers and super rich...every single slice was PERFECT (super thin or regular size - it didn't matter, everyone got exactly what they wanted!) and cutting and lifting each slice onto the plates was so easy and there was absolutely no mess. Since then, I've used it on sheet cakes and cheesecakes and the square and triangle cutters are both so easy to use. A definite WINNER.


Great Product   land173    AL
Review Date: 11/23/2009
These are such a great product. Easy to use and easy to clean. Every time I use them I have tell someone where I got them. I've started giving them as birthday and wedding gifts because so many family members and friends would borrow mine for special events!


Great item  sancandy     CA
Review Date: 10/5/2009
I used the sheet cake cutter all the time for cutting wedding cake samples at bride shows. It's so fast , and cuts even, neat pieces.. Everyone asked where to purchase this it of course I say HSN. Thank you for such a great item.




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