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I hate writing reviews but I'll make an exception for these terrific sponges. Lordy lordy are they great.

We received these in June and I just finally replaced sponge #1. I love the fact that they don't smell,

especially if you rinse them thoroughly every couple of days. And durable? Hallelajuh yes.

With the quantity in this package, I suspect these will easily last five years or more.


BEST SPONGES EVER silverhairfox4 IL

I have been waiting for them to come out with a SCRUBBER SPONGE. I'm so happy.

These sponges NEVER smell on my counter and they work GREAT. Can't wait to order more

and give them to friends. Such a simple thing and it has made me SO HAPPY.

I will ALWAYS have one of these sponges one my kitchen sink.


Love these sponges. They hold up well and doesn't give off any funky odors I sanitize in the dishwasher and they last a long time.

Going Green  firecracker547  PA

Just received my sponges. Very pleased. Just ordered another set.

my second Order Veronica0127 VA

last a long time.. the best do not will be so happy with this purchase

EVENYC - LOVE these sponges  EvNYC  NY

I love these. They are exactly as Debbie describes in the presentation. This is my second set and now that I have a new grandson I have shared with my daughter.Thank you Debbie for making this product.

Awesome!   monjer CA

These sponges are great! I would definitely buy them again.

Genius at work  LIRocks NY

I can't believe I could get so excited over a sponge. It's a different. texture than any other feels almost like memory foam. It cleans beautifully and the back of it, although it feels stiff out of the package, doesn't scratch when wet. Try it, you won't be sorry.   

Who knew? ALTIMA10 NY

I was pleasantly surprised to find a sponge(s) that not only was capable of cleaning hard to remove particles off dishes, pots, etc. but was able to quickly get rid of any harmful bacteria. This was a great find. I purchased one set and gave some to two friends of mine explaining that that would save them some money because these last a long, long time. Both friends admitted that they each spend way too much money on sponges monthly, let along yearly. So, I will be back for more for myself and to send to family members as well...thank you Ms. Meyers.

No stinky smell boo51 FL

I like these sponges, no stinky smell of food and cleans my dishes well. I like the scrubber side it doesn't stratch your no stick you can use them on different kinds of surfaces. I put it in the dish washer to clean.

How good can it be? ambergirl TX

Well they can be very good! I like them so much that I ordered more. They stay sudsy much, much longer than a regular sponge so I'm saving money on dish soap and they don't stink after a few uses. Try're going to love them.

So worth the money chicacoffee NJ

These sponges are so much better then those store bought sponges. I even bought one of those scrub daddys and it crapped out after 2 weeks. I love the Debbie Meyers sponges. Give them a try.

The best sponge ever!!! Biggbenn MD

I have used these sponges and just absolutely love them.

Must have Liz154 CA

I must admit that I wasn't expecting thes to work as welk as they did. Now I wouldn't do without for money or love. Get it you won't regret it.

they really work! john1567 IL

I first saw these on noreen's kitchen were she was recommending things she liked. i trusted her at her word and ordered some. they are truly wonderful. I haven't had them for very long but they seen to stand up to cleaning messes in pots and pans. I even cleaned two dishes that were badly stained from having plants on them for a long time. the dishes came out like new. I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommendthem to everyone.

Amazed! dapperdo MI

These sponges are awesome! They hold a lot of water and the scrubber side works great yet doesn't scratch any surfaces somehow. I would definitely purchase again but don't think that will be for a long time because they seem to hold up so well, guess I'll know when it's time to replace them?

Excellent product! wtch RI

I love these sponges, they hold up beautifully. About once a month or so, they start to get a little brownish from grease and such and that is when you know to replace it. Sucks up water. The scrubber does not break down or get dirty. Would purchase these again, and probally will when needed.

Love that sponge, glarismiamifl FL

Lasting a lot do not stain, don't smell bad and really work. I do recommend this to any house wife.

These are the BEST scrubbers!!! MinnieMouseCin VA

These are the best scrubbing sponges! They stay fresh smelling and they do a great job on my pots and pans.Another great DM product! Enough said!thanks Debbie & HSN!

Superb sponge! kalzlala62 VA

Sponge does as promised. I will never use other sponges. The scrubber side makes this sponge perfect for our use. No morefunky smelling sponge!!!

Excellent sun seashells OR

So far these sponges have not been a disappointment. The inventor of this product seems to really know her stuff. very Happy with the purchase.

The Best! Stella321 ND

Finally a sponge that does not get hard after use and best of all DOES NOT SMELL!! I was skeptical at first with the scrubber, wondering if it would scratch. But does the job without any harsh abrasion. I will not be using anything else at my kitchen sink!LOVE MY SPONGES! Thanks Debbie!

Love this sponge! KarenS22 OH

I love this sponge because it doesn't smell! Even when my kids forget to squeeze out the water it remains odor free. The scrubber side does a wonderful job on dishes and counter tops. Really great sponge!

Luv These SwoozieQue WA

They are just right, the design is comfortable for my arthritic hands; the scrubber is just right without scratching my nonstick; and so far they have no nasty smell. Cleaned up very nicely in dishwaster too.

Love these! Birdie08301979 OR

Only sponges I use. Doesn't scratch anything, great for clean up kitchen & other areas need scrubbing.


Greatest Sponges I ever cleaned with. Miracle green sponges that keep I am still using my first sponge for over 3 months. Absorbs water well. No bacteria or smell. Does not tear and scrubber gets all stains off dishes. Cannot say enough about these! Debbie is a genius!


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