Debbie Meyer DishwasherPal™

With the Debbie Meyer DishwasherPal™, you’ll have sparkling results every time with no frustrations of items flipping over and filling up with dirty, soapy water. Prevent your items from falling to the bottom and being melted against the heating element. With no re-washing and re-drying items, you save time, money and energy.


The flexible Debbie Meyer DishwasherPal™ is made of long lasting material and its tabbed,

accordion like design allows you to fold and store it inside the top or bottom rack of your dishwasher,

so it is always there when you need it. You can easily customize for dishwashers with bottom center tower;

simply mark where the opening is needed and trim the opening with scissors.


• Eliminates the need to re-wash and re-dry items which saves you time, money and energy
• Regular use of the Debbie Meyer Dishwasher Pal™ prevents flipping and chipping of items
• No additional care needed -- it's cleaned and disinfected each time you use it in the dishwasher
• Available in red
• Set includes: 2 Debbie Meyer Dishwasher Pals™ (one for top and one for bottom)
• Each Debbie Meyer DishwasherPal™ measures 19.5” x 19.5”


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