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Debbie Meyer® GreenBags® -  Some Customer Reviews




Can't live without these!
I have been using green bags for many, many years and cannot live without them. While they're great

for certain fruits and vegetables, we've found the best use is for keeping bread and other baked goods

fresher longer. They are a little on the pricey side but can be washed and reused up to 10 times each so

in the long run they do save us money.
Nickname488, NJ  


I have been using these for years and they work. I have saved a lot of money using them as my veggies last much longer. THANK YOU. It's a great product.
Mtrahant, FL 


Luv these green bags
Used them 5 yrs ago and loved them for how they cut down on produce waste. I was unable to find them until recently when joining hsn. I am so happy to have them back in my life. Washing them by hand and letting them air dry, I found I could use them many times. Thank you Debbie and hsn.
reboszeroone, CO  

green bags work
I have been using these bags from when they first came out. I have gave everyone in my family a couple to try so they can see how well they work. They are as good as they say they work great
brittwar, PA  


Just love these bags. They do everything promised. Wouldn't trust my veggies to anything else.
sallyloop, NC 


Just love these bags. They do everything promised. Wouldn't trust my veggies to anything else.
sallyloop, NC   


love them
makes food last at least a week longer
M6PORT, IL   1/8/2017

Birds eye view.
These bags are terrific. Just what I needed for me and my birds. No more waste. I don't eat a lot. But I am always pleased to see there is something to snack on. Super big help in the kitchen.

Kingkong2, IL 


Green Bags
This is my second Order of these. So yes I do like them and use them.My family uses them as well.Would like some of the Cream colored Bread Bags though. They, too, worked for me.     SueDee72, IL


I have bought this before, they are amazing! That's why I came back for more. Thanks Ms Debbie for a great product!
jessica70, TX 


Great Product
I bake sourdough bread and was amazed how fresh my bread keeps in these bags.Have used them for vegetables for many years and they are a staple in my kitchen supplies. 

jewell1207, AL  


Tried emptying a bag of prebagged salad into a green bag, as it always goes bad before I can finish it. A week later it's still crisp and fresh.Impressed and plan to start buying more fresh produce!
sophies_mom, CA  


Easy to use!
I used it for my long stalk veges; Asian string beans, scallions, Chinese leafy broccoli, lettuce or any thick vegetable. And I just fold the top over when I place them in the refrigerator, no ties! And creates more room instead of the boxes. Glad I tried it! Keeps my fruits and veges fresh all month!
TechnibondAddict, CA 


They work!
Not much need be said besides...THEY WORK! I have used these for years as well as the green boxes too, love them. Try them, you will be amazed at how much longer fruits and vegetables will last saving you a fortune. These are great if you live alone, are newly married, the last child just left, or even if you are a large group, we all have uneven amounts with something leftover. Follow the super simple instructions and you will be happily surprised.


Really works
These bags really work. I was not sure about this purchase but I thought I would try and I am glad I did. They keep food fresh for such a long time. I love them.
daleeg, NJ  


Debbie Meyer's products are great!
I save so much money by using the green bags and green boxes. I actually eat almost all the fresh produce I buy vs. throwing food away. Thanks for such a wonderful product line!!
Hanellen74, FL   


Go for the green
I've convinced many people to buy these bags and all have eventually thanked me. I do not know how they work and I do not care. I have (and my friends) have saved lots of produce, etc from being wasted and in turn saved money. Hate wasting food. 35% food waste in this country would reduce dramatically if we all used this product. Love knowing what comes out of my garden can be picked at freshest state and last longer in these bags.
TomGaz, PA  


Big Time Savings
Debbie Meyer is genius. I eat as fresh as possible and now, thanks too these bags, I can shop for more than a few days. I have thrown away more fresh foods, over the years, than I care to think about. That's now history! I will always have these bags in my kitchen. They have saved me big $. Thanks HSN  


Money saver
The Debbie Meyer green bags and the green boxes really do work! I rarely write reviews but these products worked so well and preserved cauliflower, leaf lettuce, strawberries, and other items that usually spoil so fast that I just had to sing their praises! But beware....I had tried other "green bags" because they were less expensive but they were a waste of money. I only tried the Debbie Meyer ones because they were being offered at a great price and knew I could return them if I wasn't happy.
muffingirl28, IN  


love the green bags. it truly extends the life of the fruit or veggies contained within the bag.
Dollhouse60, NY  


These work very well and make great gifts.

hollyhh, WI   


Great Bags
Green bags are great and produce really last a long time. I have kept celery in them for about 6 months. I would like to find the blue cheese bags again which are great, also.
catlover51, TX   


What a pleasant surprise!
These bags are fantastic! I have always wanted to see what all the fuss was about and I can honestly say, you have to try them to understand! After 3 weeks, my fruits and veggies are in great shape and I am ordering more for myself and my adult children!!!! This is a game changer in healthy eating and fiscal responsibility. Who knew? Well, I do now. I love these bags!!
Drea_72274, IL 


back for more
i have not gotten this shipment yet. have used them for years. the green bags are the best...strawberries stay fresh for some time like all the berries...bananas, i keep in them all the time..have told others about them...keep a supply all the time.....
person02, MN 


Love these bags
These bags keep my fruit and veggies fresh at least twice as long as any other storage
desoc, TX


Green bags
Will order more I was insure of what they could do after 2 weeks of using them I am hooked. They really work !!!
jilly133, NY 


Saves Money
These Green Bags saves money while you can store fruits and veggies longer. The different size bags are a plus.
Yorkie24U, MA


Saves Me Money!
I have been using Debbie's Green Bags for years and wouldn't be without them. They really do protect & save fruits, vegetables, salad items, etc. for sometimes up to weeks past the time they would normally start to spoil. Just fyi, I pack my food items in these bags with a paper towel to absorb any condensation, which helps them last even longer. Also, I keep things in the fridge at a temperature that's not too cold, to also cut down on condensation forming. Using these bags, I can't remember the last time I had to throw something out before I used it up. Highly recommend.
FreddiePnslvr, AR 


Love these!
Everyone needs these! I was so tired of throwing out produce I couldn't get to quick enough. Now I can buy my produce knowing it will be fresh when I'm ready for it.
Chicago-Loop-16, IL

Love, Love These!
I just wish I had them LONG time, ago. They work like they say. Going to buy more, also thinking about buying the box's.
sandradee7, WI 


Love Green Bags
Ever purchase bagels and, after just a day or two, they are like hockey pucks? Not with green bags. I, also, bake most of the bread we eat. Green bags keep that bread fresh and edible long after it would be had they not been kept in the bags. For bread, veggies, whatever, green bags really work. This is a reorder for me.

chaya, NV 


Every Kitchen needs this. They are fantastic!!
1-4-Marg, PA 


Mum likes them
I sent these to my mum in England and she loves them. Noe she doesn't have to shop as often. Thanks
Alikaty, PA


Must Haves!
I love the feeling every time I open one of these bags and find that my foods are in get shape. The products I put in them are perfectly preserved for much longer than they used to be before I had them. they're GREAT and have saved me bundles in non-spoiled foods.
goodlife2, PA


Also like the containers.
Started with the containers...they are a little more convenient however these hold a lot! Works especially great on my strawberries, lettuce and peaches!
bellaradio, CA 


Green bags
They work. Have used them since 1st offered. I always reorder. I also use all the green boxes for same reason.
Blessed139, FL 


Very good bags so far
I received the bags about a week ago and started using them. During this time so far the bags have been true to the claims of preserving the fruits and veggies for a longer period of time.
bkstarter, NV 

Saves money Sympleetee DC

Keeps fruits and vegetables crisp longer then the refrigerator storage bins.

Green bag review strof MI

I have been using these bags for several years, and they work just great.

These bags really work! mairenee MO

I have been using Debbie Meyer Green Bags for about 5 years and they really stretch the freshness of my food! This saves me money and trips to the store.

Food saver bags. Harrie18 NY

Absolutely love them. I use them all the time and did not have any left. I turned the TV on and so the showing of these bags and I was so happy. I really don't think 50 is enough for me but I will make them work until the next time. I use them for everything, thank you.

Best money spent ucoverNC

These bags are a wonder, saving the family a bunch of money by not having to throw "old" food.

Great product lovelyladygamer IN

These bags are fantastic! They help save me money. Being vegan, I always have lots of fresh veggies on hand, and by having these green bags, I dont feel a need or worry to hurry and make something before they spoil. These bags allow my veggies to stay fresher longer and I love that.

Best bag ever martyliz PA

I honestly bought my first bags doubting their usefulness. They do keep produce much fresher than anything I have ever used. I just ordered my second set.

I love Debbie Meyer's Products MontannaYooper MI

I have all the sizes of the green bags, love the all. I have the green boxes too. They have saved a lot of our food that we used to have to throw away.

Good keepers Bunny760 MD

Have been using these for years. They really do keep fresh fruits and veg for extended periods.

I just received them and so far I Love Them! CinnamonHill  NV

They are easy to use and the fruit is as fresh as when I first bought it Thanks Debbie Meyer!!

Green bags 9dee NY

They are great. Fruit stays very fresh for weeks in the greenbags.  

Fantastic money saving product ! togo63 CA

I've been utilizing these green bags as well as the containers, for a few years now. During that time, I can't begin to tell you how much money I have saved ! So, needless to say, these products do work. Do yourself a favor and give them a try, you won't be disappointed ! I use them daily, and you will too.

GreenBags  gloria43  NV

I had these several years ago and loved them then as much as now. From veggies to breads these are the best. Where were you Debbie in my child rearing years where these would have really been a God send, oh no I forgot, I had no leftovers with five hungry mouths, lol.

Must Have Bags! caroleband PA

I have been using these for over five years, and when I finally ran out, I looked for them everywhere, and the only place I found them was on HSN. If I put my produce in these bags as soon as I get home, they last for double the time the do in the store bags. I highly recommend these!

Green bags Mariamus NY

My apples and oranges are doing great as is my spinach. The spinach bags gets a little moisture in the bag as does the banana bag. But I wipe it out and leave the bag open for a little while. So far very satisfied.

These really work… peppers8  MI

I used these green bags several years ago. They were great!! Then when the green boxes came out, I bought those. Now I'm back to the bags and gave most of my green boxes to my son. Honestly, except for sweet corn and berries, I think these work better than the boxes.

love green bags & true BouncingAngel  KS

R U skeptical of these green bags? I was but I 1st got these at a resale store & they really work. So, I ran almost out & need them. I also like the bread box. Fits into my frig like I want it to.

Debbie Meyers Green Bag’s  deblrsn21 FL

Works better than I thought it would would recommend them to everyone

Wow wee !  BigTom42  NY

don't ask me how they do it but if they work. Food lasts longer stays fresher also purchased the container set no regrets

Produce love  trisha16  MO

I love, love, love these bags. I'm no longer having to throw half my fresh produce away. It really does last much longer and saves me money!!

Don't hesitate--buy them  ChelseaP5071  VA

I have used the Meyers "green bags" for years. I bought them in the grocery store and they only had two sizes--good for carrots & celery, etc. But this package had the bag sizes for apples, potatoes & onion. I needed that size for the mentioned veg. and also during the summer to keep the veg. from the garden fresh before I can them. They are great.

Did not believe  lillly  NY

Hello, I put two hot dogs in buns and meat sauce in the fridge and they got lost, almost two weeks later I "found" them and thought wasted money and good food. I was PLEASENTLY surprised they were both as if I got them that day. Now when I get by my hot dog place I know I can get a couple extra and have them another day without a worry about them going bad. Thanks Debbie and HSN for giving me such super products. Sincerely, Linda G.

They really work! KDeRoche SC

I live alone and I do not eat up my produce fast enough before they go bad. I have had these for about a week now and my produce are still good. I am glad that I bought them.  

THE BEST  harrywinston   LA

I have used these bags for years and if you handle your produce well and don't crack or bruise it I have had tomatoes last for 3 weeks I put the plastic container in the bag and fold the end under the plastic container and set it down. I have a bag of lemons in my refrigerator now that have been there at least a month I gently twist the bag and tuck it under if I see signs of condensation forming I remove the lemons and dry them off and put them back in a dry bag. good luck



These green bags really do extend the life of your fruits and veggies. With all we spend on produce,

who wouldn't buy these???


Awesome     Kukana0     FL

I have been using greenbags for a couple of years and I wouldn't be without them. I also have green boxes

and love them to.

Bagged it!     angelwynd7     NY

These bags work! Every time I run out of them, I might as well stop shopping for fruits and veggies because

most end up in the trash. The bags way more than pay for themselves in produce saved!


Miss Mary   mary16    NY

great products always have fresh food save money

Never without these!   Caltiki13    OK

Now that the summer produce is in I have so much to keep in these bags. I have kept romaine lettuce for four weeks and it has still been fresh. I will never ever be without these wonderful bags.


Love Them  ljbrannum   CA

This is a great product, non-toxic and saves you money, time and frustration.


Love the Bags   FL

These are the most amazing inventions. I ordered my first ones from HSN and then were able to buy them at different places but that didn't last long. So happy to see them back on HSN!

Great items for fruits!!    gardenlady98672    WA

I wasn't sure these would work as well for me. However, my cilantro, parsley and celery have stayed so fresh. I am very impressed.   

Great!    azres    AZ

Love these as much as the Green Boxes. They are a little more versitile for larger sizes of fruits and veggies. Thanks again for making this product.

AWESOME as ever   friendlyfireman   PA

I have bought these numerous times and they work as well as they are described on tv. You can reuse them over and over again and I will use them as long as they are being sold. Better than containers for sure!!!!


Love Them!!!!!   Peggyjo    OH

The best ever for keeping fruits, vegetables & bread fresher longer. Bought them way back when they first came out and highly recommend them. (At one time she also sold 'Gold' bags for baked goods and they did an excellent job, but don't see them anymore.) These are a 5 star item!

These bags work as intended.   Zoelle    CA

I am never without these green bags. My veggies stay fresh so much longer. Any time I am too lazy to transfer the vegetables from their containers or bags from the grocery store I always regret it, as they spoil so much sooner. They work well for bananas too, but I don't tighten the opening of the bag for the bananas. I don't know why that seems to work better. Even if the banana gets some brown spots after a number of days, the banana is usually still firm.







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