Debbie Meyer CakeCutter Trio™

Add even more delight to enjoying cake with this incredibly convenient, patented Debbie Meyer CakeCutter Trio™ Set. These elegant time savers allow you to cut and serve the perfect piece of cake every time, and they're adjustable, so you can cut just the size each guest wants — no touching cake with fingers, no first piece cutting disasters. Debbie Meyer CakeCutters™ consist of 3 distinctive cutting and serving utensils; the V-shaped Debbie Meyer CakeCutter™ which cuts and serves round cakes and the U-shaped Debbie Meyer CakeCutter™ for sheet cakes and the Loaf Style Debbie Meyer CakeCutter™ for loaf style cakes. Your guests will be impressed with the ease and fun these unique cake cutters have to offer. Ideal for everyday use as well as your most elegant dinner party. Also makes the perfect gift! Available in faux ivory or wood.


    Debbie Meyer CakeCutters™ 3-piece set:

  • Slice and serve the perfect piece of cake every time

  • Makes even challenging first slices easier to cut and serve

  • Adjusts to cut the perfect size piece

  • No need to touch cake with fingers

  • No sharp blades 


    3 versatile styles

  • Match the job at hand

  • U-shaped for sheet and square cakes

  • V-shaped for round cakes

  • Loaf-shaped for loaf-style foods


   Simulated-Ivory handles

  • Complement any decor or table setting


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