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the best things ever!

I love these Debbie Meyers containers. They have saved me lots of money on veggies that used to go bad, sometimes in one day. What a great asset for me.I was throwing out so many veggies before I got sick of the waste. These allow the veggies to last for weeks longer.

azsli, AZ


Love the green boxes; they really help extend the life and freshness of the food and bread.I am sold and have given some to my son so his food will last longer. Great money saving invention.

shoelunatic, IN

Debbie Meyer's products are great!

I save so much money by using the green bags and green boxes. I actually eat almost all the fresh produce I buy vs. throwing food away. Thanks for such a wonderful product line!!

Hanellen74, FL

Very good bags so far

I received the bags about a week ago and started using them. During this time so far the bags have been true to the claims of preserving the fruits and veggies for a longer period of time.

bkstarter, NV

WONDERFUL with a capital "W"

These have both cut my grocery bill down, from throwing out food, and organized my refrigerator! THE BEST! I got the large set and gave some to my son to take to college, He Loves them! GREAT BUY!!



luv luv luv these. i have several sets and keep ordering more of we have no idea what happens to them right? that's fine as long as she keeps making them. i go thru a lot of fruit and veggies so these r perfect. sizes r great for home and work or the pool.

ladyoutlaw1955, GA

Debbie meyer greenboxes

What a perfect set I got this to complete mine with the starter set they work as well as have a much stronger than any other I have given away the expensive ones and already saved money wow nice set much better value than other offers elsewhere thanks hsn and Debbie used the bags for years since they came out!

maryannematch82, PA

Must Haves!

I love the feeling every time I open one of these bags and find that my foods are in get shape. The products I put in them are perfectly preserved for much longer than they used to be before I had them. they're GREAT and have saved me bundles in non-spoiled foods.

goodlife2, PA

Must Have Bags!

I have been using these for over five years, and when I finally ran out, I looked for them everywhere, and the only place I found them was on HSN. If I put my produce in these bags as soon as I get home, they last for double the time the do in the store bags. I highly recommend these!

caroleband, PA


Excellent product.....I use them every single day.....Debbie Meyers Green Boxes have saved me a small fortune and many extra trips to the market. DON'T HESITATE TO BUY !


Love them

I received my order a couple of weeks ago.They do what it says.I had put meatballs with sauce in a container when I took them out there was no stains from the sauce.You can ised them for other things such as small caniter for safety pins paper clips etc.The set is awesome.Thanks Debbie Meyer

curly31, PA


My friend gave me 1 to try it. I put some thai chili peppers in it!. Yes! It does the trick and my thai chili peppers last foe 3 weeks.I bought this set and donated all my old plastic containers.

Brown2468, WA

Great product

These bags are fantastic! They help save me money. Being vegan, I always have lots of fresh veggies on hand, and by having these green bags, I dont feel a need or worry to hurry and make something before they spoil. These bags allow my veggies to stay fresher longer and I love that.

lovelyladygamer, IN

They really work!

I have been buying green bags & containers from HSN. For is amazing how well they work. I love the new bread box size…

Santabarbara3, FL

love these

bought this set for my son and his family since I have liked my set so much. I had always had trouble keeping lettuce and spinach before I tried green boxes. Give them a try I think you will find you toss less produce.

Becki613, IA

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